New Wave Architecture Debuts Environmental Living Space in Tehran Earthy construction channels a return to nature

Tehran-based design firm New Wave Architecture recently completed a build in its home province, yielding a luxurious new living space that fuses nature with minimal craftsmanship. The residential complex undermines the polluted airspace of Meygun, a nearby city, with a focus on wide-open, environmentally-inviting views. The rock-encrusted facade creates a suitably organic template that’s mirrored by the rugged floors and interior walls, while notches in either side of the walls allow drafty gusts to flow around the structure without getting inside. To soften the sturdy beige design, planters line the interior balconies, and the entire building offers expansive windows and generous balconies ideal for taking in the surrounding mountains and grasslands.

Take a look at the newly-completed space above. In other design news, the scenic “Chameleon Villa” in Bali takes environmental design a step further.

Courtesy of  hypebeast