Charles Pétillon invades streets with white balloons

t seems that now the white balloons have become the visual signature of the artist Charles Pétillon, already used in his previous work, Invasion, of which we had spoken here. And here they are again invading the streets as a presence that attests to the passage of man: our traces, the multitude of stories and the complexity of the individual’s life are intertwined in the white trails of the balloons. From the aesthetic point of view, there is a pleasant optical effect, which captures the attention of the public and certainly does not go unnoticed. Art is also a moment of sharing and reflection, an opportunity to stop for a moment to reflect despite the haste of everyday life and to observe beauty. The everyday life spaces become magical and somewhat surreal places, where you can get lost and find yourself.

The corpus of Charles’s works is on his website and is definitely worth a look.