Meet Maison Margiela’s New Fragrance Mutiny

Today in Paris saw the launch of Maison Margiela’s new fragrance, Mutiny, announced after the spring/summer 2019 show. Created by the fashion house’s creative director John Galliano, it reflects his vision of the Maison Margiela women. Its aim is to engage women to reveal who they really are; “Mutiny is a movement”. But what does Mutiny smell like?

It took six years for nose Dominique Ropion to come up with Galliano’s Mutiny, using a traditionally feminine note, tuberose, stripped back to reveal the leathery core. The tuberose heart is used along with tuberose absolute, which brings jasmine and orange into the scent, and MD tuberose, which adds a creaminess to it. With this combination, the leather, vanilla and oud traces from the process of using three different qualities of tuberose make it a distinct and memorable fragrance.

To accompany the new scent, six “Mutinist” ambassadors have been chosen to represent the diversity and individuality of Mutiny. Each with a story to tell, they embody the attitude of the perfume perfectly. Willow Smith, Teddy Quinlivan, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Sasha Lane, Princess Nokia and Molly Bair, chosen to be the voice of a new generation.

Courtesy of  Vogue