Bratya Karavaevi The Eclectic Restaurant in Moscow

Founded a decade ago by Evgeniy KatsenelsonBratya Karavaevi is a deli restaurant chain and each of its 30 Moscow locations features a different, unique design. For the opening of the new outpost in the neighborhood of Ramenki, these were local architects – Evgeniy Shchetinkin and Elizaveta Semionova of  V12 Architects – who conceived an eclectic yet modern space.
Inspired by the work of a Russian horticulturist, Ivan Michurin, the interior makes references to the greenery surrounding the area. Michurin’s painted portrait by Marat Morik adorns a tile-covered wall next to the counter while a rich palette of pastels – thanks to  terrazzo floors and a bold choice of minimalist yet colorful furniture contributes to the contemporary feel of the interior. Green panels with built-in windows stand in the backdrop, optically enlarging the space. Neon lettering and irregular light fixtures hanging from the ceiling add an industrial touch to the restaurant.

Courtesy of trendland