Yoki Treehouse the perfect tree house that you can rent

Whether you are a child or an adult, the tree houses are fascinating at any age. The idea of living embraced by branches, hearing the sound of leaves moved by the wind and, especially away from everything has always had a magic touch. But forget about the refuges you had or dreamed of as children because Will Beilharz‘s Yoki Treehouse has nothing to envy to any other house.

The American architect who specializes in these types of buildings has literally surpassed himself, creating a tree house consisting of two parts, the first and main part consists of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, the second and smaller houses the bathroom. What makes the house even more special is the fact that it is built at a height of seven meters, entirely surrounded by balconies and rope bridges that connect the two volumes, also under it flows a stream. Yoki Treehouse is completely immersed in nature, an hour’s drive from Austin, Texas, and if you come by there, you can rent it for a perfect weekend getaway.

Courtesy of collater