Zara Is Launching a Lipstick Collection These matte colors are so perfect for fall and winter

There has never been a worse time for the Zara website to not have a wish-list feature. (Seriously, what’s up with that?) In additional to leaving us with nowhere to save our favorite dresses and coats that we may eventually buy, the international apparel brand is now launching a makeup collection that literally everyone is going to want. Specifically, Zara is dropping “a comprehensive collection of lipsticks designed in L.A. and made in France,” according to a press release from the brand. That includes nine “unstoppable, one-stroke-application, full matte liquid lipsticks,” and eight “velvety, highly pigmented, and very comfortable matte lipsticks” — though our digital makeup editor, Sable Yong, mysteriously received twelve entirely different lipstick bullets, so who knows? The more the merrier, I say.

Courtesy of ALLURE