Sita Abellan Debuts Her New Jewelry Collection Featuring pieces inspired heavily by a snake symbol

Sita Abellan unveiled her new jewelry collection titled “LILITH” at a private launch party during Paris Fashion Week. As a global DJ and model, she treks worldwide and typically is seen during Fashion Month. For her newly designed collection, Sita followed a theme which explores her trademark symbol, a snake through the existence of Lilith, the first woman who existed before Eve. According to ancient literature, Lilith is described as Adam’s first wife and that after falling out with Adam, she disappeared from the Garden of Eden. Therefore the figure of Lilith, a snake, serves as a symbol of the struggle against patriarchy to many individuals. Sita’s creative journey has been marked by a snake symbol. Her gold jewelry range features pieces which can be worn in everyday life. The collection is made up of rings, earrings, necklaces and hairpins bound together. Each piece is handmade in Milan.

Take a look at the LILITH by Sita Abellan jewelry collection in the gallery above. Stay tuned here for more details regarding the release date of the range. In case you missed it, take a look at all our favorite street style photos from Paris Fashion Week.

Courtesy of  hypebae