Laura Berger The party's in here

Tiny naked bodies. Everywhere. Headstands, body-painting, yoga poses, hiding in bushes and chilling under rainbows. These are a few rituals of our new favourite actress turned artist, Laura Berger.

Based in Chicago, USA, Laura blurs the lines between the arts and crafts by drawing small, playful characters, running an online shop with more than 23K followers and exhibiting her work worldwide. Working mainly with acrylic paint and gouache for her paintings, Laura’s works explore human connections inspired by her love for travel and child-like curiosity. Laura started out by using art as therapy after a series of traumatic events and has now managed to make her method of healing, a full time career. We got so inspired over here in the Pocko HQs, that on a springy afternoon and before we indulged our sugar cravings, we used her quirky and imaginative paintings as a guide for a mini yoga session. Let’s just say that this cheerful army of flexible people make it look much easier.

Courtesy of  Pocko