Andrés Reisinger The Multidisciplinary Designer Mesmerising the Internet with His Surrealistic Digital Dreamscapes

I’m not going to lie, i’m casually fangirl-ing while writing this article and receiving the latest artwork from digital artist Andrés Reisinger. As probably many of you, I first got to know the captivating renders through instagram from his work for the design studio Six N. Five. Andrés is now working on his own as a multidisciplinary designer.

While growing up in an immigrant town called Hurlingham in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Andrés learned early on to play and experiment with materials. He used to make his own toys with his grand parents who were both artisans. This taught him what it means to be able to create something from scratch, to have no set limitations as to what an object, or toy, needs to be or what it can be used for.

From this point a view Andrés later on in life, after having studied graphic design, decides to start working with 3D tools to be able to create whatever it is he imagines; free from borders you bump into in the physical world like having to think of development and production limitations.

With his digital art Andrés is able to create a wonder world of the highest aesthetics. He creates tension with his use of texture, juxtaposing soft carpets you want to bury yourself in against dreamlike metallic objects. The colours are nuanced and even if these images are digital, he plays with a sense of movement and liveliness. His work makes me fantasise of my dream house decorated with the most enticing objects and interiors.