Points a la Ligne shadows and lights caress the female body

The Points a la Ligne series by photographer Sølve Sundsbø is a perfect dialogue between beauty and technique and therefore timeless. In 2008, Sølve Sundsbø‘s series of shots entitled Points a la Ligne, but it is one of those works that remain imprinted in the mind, which one never forgets and for this reason timeless.  Sølve is a photographer born in Norway, but now living and working in London, who over the years has developed a strong stylistic imprint, which can adapt to any project and environment, making extensive use of new technologies, from 3D scanning to retouching hand painted. All this has led him to be internationally recognized and to collaborate with publications such as Vogue and Harper Bazar. In Points a la Ligne we see a series of shots that portray the model Edita Vilkeviciute completely naked, but despite her beauty and sensuality, the real protagonist is the light. With a cumbersome use of lights and shadows, the female body becomes the canvas for light and dark that sometimes shows and sometimes hides.

Courtesy of   Collateral