A Spotlight On Lucy Bohr The Emerging Illustrator Creating Tender And Relatable Art

German artist Lucy Bohr uses digital illustration as a medium for personal expression; her evolving portfolio brims with vibrancy, relatability, and the spirit of youth. We spoke to her at the House of Vans Berlin event; a one-off experience including workshops, concerts, and art exhibitions that champion the work of emerging talents, like Bohr. We are chatting outside in direct sunshine; it’s afternoon in early spring and the summer atmosphere is finally approaching. “When the weather is warm enough I like to sit in parks and work. The color combinations of people in nature shape up to be nice first compositions, and I think, ‘Oh, I have to sketch that!’”, she explains. Bohr’s multicolored images of urban culture, fashion, and relationships, originate from observing friends and strangers going about their daily, modern lives. “I start with people watching, usually from a cafe”, she says. “I’m interested in how urban surroundings shape people’s experiences—the little things we do each day”. This includes situations like drinking coffee, relaxing with friends, embracing a lover, or smoking cigarettes. “The relatable things”, she laughs.

Courtesy of  ignant