Paranoia, dreams and thoughts by the creative mind of Tyler Spangler

We have already talked about Tyler Spangler, American artist and designer known for the psychedelic and surrealist style. He studies psychology in College for working in some psychiatric hospital or becoming a psychologist, but in the meantime, he realizes a stronger need: create art and explore the styles that attract him the most. Since that year he begins to collect more than 2,000 pieces, including personal creations and projects developed at the Art Center College of Design for graphic design. Since that Tyler decides to start his own business and work freelance, defining what his style is now. He’s back to surprise us with even more pop and colorful images on which messages and effect sentences by his creative mind. In addition to being inspired by vintage images and photographs, he takes as a reference to the artistic currents of the past such as DadaismConstructivism, and Surrealism to give life to his creative world. Each creation is totally different from the previous one, which is why Tyler gets old.

Courtesy of  Collateral