Jiaqi Wang illustrates daily life

Jiaqi Wang was born in China and her unbridled passion for illustration led her to travel far and wide, from Italy where she did her first internship, to Los Angeles where she now lives and works. Within the immense field of drawing, the Chinese artist is able to range from 2D illustration to moving illustration, up to motion graphics.  All her works, both for clients such as Starbucks, Targets or Muji, and personal, are characterized by the ability to capture the ordinary, all those moments that we often live superimposed, without giving us too much importance.  Jiaqi Wang’s drawings have the strength to show the viewer how much beauty the ordinary moments contain, such as queuing up, having a coffee or listening to music.  If everyday life inspires her subjects, the places where she lived influence her choice of colors, for example when Jiaqi Wang was in Italy her illustrations were characterized by bright and clear colors, while once she arrived in Los Angeles they started to be much more similar to the real ones.

Courtesy of Collateral