MM6 MAISON MARGIELA COLORS ITS NEW COLLECTION PASTEL Including apparel, footwear and accessories

Hong Kong-based brand I.T has released a MM6 Maison Margiela capsule collection full of casual, pastel-tinted essentials. Margiela’s famous number logo is updated in black hand-scrawled script, placing it on a denim jacket, pullover crewneck sweater and T-shirt. In addition to apparel, the collection also includes Margiela’s chunky-soled sneaker and low-heeled ankle boot in barely there pastel purple, pink and green tie-dye. The iconic Margiela Japanese tote bag is rendered in the same cotton candy-like colorway and features and outer layer made of sheer white tulle.

I.T’s MM6 Maison Margiela collection is available at select I.T stores now.

Courtesy of Hypebae