Fred Tschida Enchants the Eye With His Kinetic Neon Sculptures The artist will unveil a new exhibition at The Art House and Neon Workshops

The Art House and Neon Workshops will unveil a luminous new exhibition by artist, Fred Tschida. As a pioneer in the field, Tschida took a craft that was largely attributed to signage and wayfinding and turned it into a movement and fully-fledged art form.

In “CIRCLESPHERE,” the artist uses seven gas-filled glass illuminated sculptures that are mounted on rotating devices to create an ethereal display of neon light, color, and form. When viewed in real-time, the sculptures appear as outlines, however, when seen through long-exposure photographs, the nearly nine-foot beams of light take on a three-dimensional form. To accompany the exhibition, the artist will also showcase a work entitled, “SPHERE,” an enormous floating red display that will be on view at Neon Workshops 3,000 square foot space.
Courtesy of HypeArt