NOIRANCA Bags to Empower

NOIRANCA, the recently launched fashion handbag brand that relies on ethically sustainable production and materials.
By combining craftsmanship and sustainability, each piece is made from responsibly sourced, PETA-approved vegan leather and 58 percent recycled elements, and is masterfully handcrafted in a 50-year-old family atelier by 30 dedicated artisans.
Traceability, transparency and positive consumption are at the heart of NOIRANCA.

Imbued with luxury and timelessness, the new collection testifies to the brand’s vision of pushing boundaries. Reinventing silhouettes in chic palettes, the 5 new bags elevate their glamour. Launched in conjunction with the CyberFemme campaign, the bags are also an emblem of feminine strength that coagulates in both the real and digital worlds.
Creative, rebellious and boundless, the power of Cyberfeminism runs inside the new NOIRANCA collection, to reclaim the voices for all women.

Taking a 360-degree approach to creating positive change with consumers, NOIRANCA is committed to supporting 3 organizations-Women’s Community Shelters, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Her Future Coalition.