Champeaux by Alain Ducasse A 21st Century Brasserie

Champeaux is the 21st century brasserie where everyone creates their own personal experience. The name Champeaux is inspired by a restaurant founded in 1800, place de la Bourse in Paris, imortalized through Emile Zola’s books. In his old collection, Alain Ducasse found an old Champeaux menu. Champeaux is a reference to the original location of ‘Les Halles’ of Paris in 1137. Located near the old city gates, Les Champeaux or ‘Petits Champs’ is the scenery of an open-air market that was prosperous then.

The most skilled craftsmen, bespoke furniture, noble materials and haute couture detailing, designers group Ciguë has bestowed a soul to the existing industrial structure of this large open space, on a sunny terrace overlooking the Church Saint Eustache. Minimalist lines, raw materials and vast bay windows give the venue a bright and warm atmosphere.

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