DE BAJES Criminally Good Chow With Art

There are far worse things imaginable than doing time at De Bajes – Dutch slang for ‘prison’ – at the Utrechtsestraat. Following Hong Kong and New York, the very first Street Art restaurant opened its ‘prison gates’ on Amsterdam’s Rembrandtplein February 16th. Some of the world’s most renowned street artists have turned the imposing walls into their canvasses: The London Police, D*Face, Ben Eine and Laser 3.14 were temporarily incarcerated at De Bajes. As powerful as the visuals may be: the all-day menu is equally exciting. After it’s “light’s out” for most, Bar & Bikkesement De Bajes lends itself to cocktails, craft beers, bar bites and a diverse DJ-programming.

The Bajes’ kitchen is run by Chef Niels van Halen, who previously was the chef cook at the Michelin-starred restaurant De Hoefslag. Starting from 10.00 in the morning one can order the all-day breakfast or lunch. You can start the day with a full Bajes Breakfast Menu or an English Breakfast. For those unable (or unwilling) to get up early, breakfast is available until it’s almost time for dinner – perfect for a hangover. Doing time at De Bajes during lunch isn’t a punishment either. From sandwiches with candied bacon and sausage from Brandt & Levie to the ‘Greenest Sandwich Ever’, with a shot of smoothie. The dinner menu, fit for a last meal, is comprised of gastro classics with a cheeky twist: from Lomo Iberico, catfish, and stewed vongole with a pumpkin mash and kombu to a superfood salad.
The prison gates opened on February 16th. Now you can finally tell your Mom you’ve spent a night in the slammer.