Soko’s new video is an emo rainbow goth girl wonderland. The French born artist wrote a love letter to all the weird creative kids out there.

“The song is the result of purposely isolating myself until I lost track of time, people, life, reality—a form of self-induced cabin fever. In a nutshell, it’s about being very anti-social and a lonely crybaby in desperate need of a cuddle, yet terrified of intimacy, but the track sounds pretty happy if you don’t pay attention to the words. It’s a contrast I always treasure in music—happy-sad music.

For the video, I decided to create a full trip inside my head. I love cartoons, and I cherish my inner child always and forever, so directing my own videos is always a good way to unleash it. There is something very exciting and satisfying about being able to express my full vision, raw, vulnerable and unaltered.

I shot the video in L.A. with an old Sony Camcorder video camera, surrounded by a handful of talented friends. Alia Penner, whose art I love, was on the art direction front and made my dream cartoon set come true. I wanted to create a full Alice in Wonderland-turned-goth Snow White (with a Gucci rainbow dress!) experience, playing imaginary instruments, stuck in my little kid’s playhouse, and being exactly what I wish to be—safe, free.

And I will leave with this: You may seem like an anti-social, awkward weirdo to the rest of the world, (and there’s no way you’ll ever be able to control those haters so don’t!), but deep inside, know that the world you create, the way you decide to see life, may be a lot more fun and colorful than people may ever dare to imagine. So don’t give up on those unique quirks of yours, cultivate them!”

Courtesy of http://www.nylon.com/articles/soko-video-premiere-sweet-sound-of-ignorance