SHANGHAI STORIES Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye

Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye uncovers China’s modern showpiece with the photography of Wing Shya.

In a new travel book series, luxury lifestyle brand Louis Vuitton chariots readers to five luxurious locations in a global tour—California, India, Miami, Paris and Shanghai—through the work of five pioneering photographers.

The fifth and final book in the worldly collection offers a richly nuanced portrait of China’s biggest city through a juxtaposition of personal and commissioned images from Hong Kong native Wing Shya, the remarkable lensman and Wong Kar-wai cohort known for his sensuality and style.

Hong Kong filmmaker and fashion photographer Wing Shya needs no introduction. His eye for visual poetry has seen fellow filmmaker Wong Kar Wai enlisting him as a photographer on the set of Happy Together, In the Mood for Love, Eros, and 2046. Through his lens, bold, saturated colours punctuate otherwise bleak landscapes, and listless beauties find themselves trapped in urban ennui, yearning, and the dust of everyday life.


Courtesy of
Photography by Wing Shya