Pink for Prayer Flack Studio for Monk House Design

The client’s brief for the new retail space located on Melbourne’s Driver Lane was clear: Monk House Design, the well established boutique fashion retailer, valued a non-conventional retail space and hoped to achieve a space that is minimal with maximum functionality. Flack Studio, was appointed for the task and the creative powerhouse has delivered so much more.

Representing Monk House Design’s second location, the retail space is situated in a heritage-listed space: the requirement to respect the cultural value of the building was matched by a similar desire to provide an environment that could echo the other Monk House Design store in Brunswick, and its own relaxed and inviting design philosophy. 

Monk House Design represents both independent Australian and international fashion designers and offers patrons the opportunity to literally and figuratively invest themselves in their aesthetics. Acknowledging the essence of Monk House Design’s function, Flack Studio responded to the brief by providing a space that distinguishes itself from interpretations of retail as part of the mundane, instead viewing fashion as an articulation of the extraordinary.

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Courtesy Photo of Sean Fennessy