Casa Decor 2018 Wrap Up Madrid

The 53rd edition of Casa Decor opened its doors in Madrid to reveal the latest trends in interior design, architecture, design and art.

This year’s interior design event (running until March 25th) is held in the Chamberí neighborhood, in a grand apartment building on the corner of CalleFrancisco de Rojas and Calle Sagasta. The exhibit lasts five weeks during which numerous artists/companies rents out different rooms, turning the spaces into a showcase for their work. The results of this year’s exhibit do not disappoint. Each room has a distinct style, yet there are some recurring themes to note: statement lightning, gold tones, bold patterns/prints (whether it be on the floor or ceiling), 70’s styled accents, playful art pieces, and vibrant mixes of color.

Casa Decor allows the artists to express themselves fully with no restrictions and the results are inspiring.

Courtesy of  Trendland