Cyclopean hands holding a bridge in Vietnam

Certainly, the builders of the new Golden Bridge in Vietnam,  TA Landscape Architecture team, have thought about it. The structure was designed at 1,400 meters above sea level, on the hills of Ba Na and consists of a 150-meter pedestrian walkway. At first glance it seems that these gigantic hands of stone, manage to dominate the landscape and at the same time convey a sense of peace and protection, allowing visitors to be part of nature.

The Golden Bridge is so named because it is indeed equipped with balustrades completely covered in gold, not surprisingly the project cost about $ 2 billion as a way to attract tourists to the nearby Thien Thai Garden. To complete the ethereal beauty of the panoramic vision and make the construction even more accurate, we find the flowers Lobelia Chrysanthemum, perfect ornament for the bridge.

Courtesy of Collater