Ramzy Masri Rainbow parade

Ramzy Masri is the senior designer at Nickelodeon, what a dreamy job! His rainbow instagram ‘@space.ram’ has caught the eye of over 40k followers including ours! Ramzy’s rainbow parade of photos are eye catching to say the least. His vibrant photo manipulation art gives buildings, animals and people the Confetti make-over in which would brighten anyone’s day!

Ramzy Says:

‘I am an unapologetic optimist, I value authentic experiences that help people to live fuller, richer lives. I’m a media-agnostic designer interested in what makes things tick, when and if we’ll make contact with aliens and glitter. When I’m not working, I’m working on an armageddon escape plan, standing up for what’s right, wondering how many cats I could fit into my apartment and wearing out the grooves in my Sade vinyl.’ Ramzy uses a tablet and stylus to photoshop and then phone apps for the finishing touches, some image’s take an incredibly long time to create but he’s see’s this as a something he is passionate about, more like a hobby rather than a job! His perfection in each image is outstanding. The consistency of every photo’s vibrant style is addictive and the positivity and happiness he brings to these classic images are both inspiring and uplifting.

‘Ramzy Masri shows us a world where colour shines bright.’

Courtesy of confetticrowd