A New Retail & Events Space in Tehran Explores Modular Minimalism

Located in a former industrial space in north Tehran, Iran, “Comode is a new high-end retail & events space wholeheartedly embracing the concept of modularity and minimalism. Masterminded by Iranian architect & designer Sina Momtaz, the 200 square metre open-plan space has been transformed into a versatile showroom featuring movable display stands and a system of curtains that can effortlessly “carve out” smaller spaces. These two systems allow the space to be easily reconfigured when hosting events, exhibitions and special launches, while empowering designers to display their products as they see fit. Underpinned by a minimalist aesthetic, the interior design is also a response to the tight budget but as importantly it provides the required breathing space for sharing and developing ideas on modern Iranian design.

Photo by Hamed Farhangi

Courtesy of  Yatzer