Colmar The Italian luxury outerwear brand taps Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver for its latest line

Italian luxury outerwear brand Colmar conceived a new, hyper-modern label which prioritises experimentation and product innovation: the Colmar Advanced Garment Exploration (A.G.E.). With an aim to reimagine heritage pieces through the lens of modern luxury fashion, the brand has collaborated with Hood by Air founder Shayne Oliver for the project’s inaugural line, the wealth of tech innovation the brand has gathered over the last 90 years offering Oliver a unique platform from which to innovate.

Under Oliver’s creative direction, the menswear diffusion line subverts expectations through various methods of transformation and exaggeration, classic outerwear silhouettes receive imaginative updates to defy expectations. Rich colorways harmonize with polished detailing to produce highly covetable signature pieces that are equal parts functional and stylish. While traditional modes of design are challenged by the Hood By Air founder’s progressive alignment, inventive constructions culminate in garments that prove adaptable enough to master any alpine environment.

The collection is available through selected retailers, including SSENSE

Courtesy of  WondelandMagazine