Colors And Shapes Playfully Morph In The Animations Of Crea Studio

For the sake of creative stimulation, every day Austin-based digital agency Crea Studio makes dynamic moving animations that go through a morphing journey of color and form; the collection is called ‘Daily Reel’. Crea means ‘to create’ in Spanish, “and we take our name very seriously”, explains Bruno Canales, the founder and director of Crea. “We make one clip every day on top of whatever else we have on our plate, to satiate our curiosity, and explore whatever we feel like exploring”, he says. The digital agency works in the areas of brand identity, motion graphics, and three-dimensional rendering, with architectural training and a “heavy emphasis on proceduralism”. The playful animations seen in ‘Daily Reel’ are short loops of dynamic shapes; bobbing up and down, or twisting, bouncing, and disappearing. For Canales, “This reel is a compilation of our favorites so far”, reminding us of the importance of balancing our working lives with fulfilling personal projects.

Courtesy of  Ignant