A spectacular bookcase by X+Living in Beijing

Chinese architectural firm X+Living has recently completed the design of a second bookstore in the Zhongshuge chain in Beijing. The spectacular bookcase is located inside the famous Lafayette warehouse and is inspired by classic Chinese gardens, to transport customers to a different space.

Designer Li Xiang, as mentioned above, took inspiration from the well-known Chinese gardens and in particular from the traditional “moon gates“, the different areas of the bookcase are connected by these large circular arches, which also become a place of relaxation where you can read the book you have just bought.

Just like a classic garden, customers are invited to browse, wander through new scenarios and spatial experiences, the choice of the mirror floor gives the bookcase a sort of surreal sensory impact.

A real dream place designed by X+Living for those who love to get lost among the books, the bookstore belonging to the Zhongshuge chain can only drive you crazy.

Courtesy Collater