Palmatic Studio "We exalt the collaborative, resilient capacity of the female persona – symbolized by the Palm tree for which we named our brand"

Palmatic Studio is a new clothing and jewellery brand born in Rome, Italy. It is called , and is run by a collective of young women aged between 23 and 30 (Vittoria Cesari, graphic designer; Giorgia Fusella, product manager; Anna Lemme, fashion designer; Sylvia Colivicchi de Angelis, jewellery designer) headed by Benedetta Formilli Fendi, granddaughter of Franca, one of the five sisters of made in Italy capable of transforming the family brand into an international brand.
The palm tree is the symbol of the brand: palm trees can grow anywhere, even when sources of nourishment seem to be lacking. They are therefore inspired by a woman like the palm tree: resilient, who likes to live close to her peers, creating her own ecosystem.
(©)Palmatic Studio

(©)Palmatic Studio

We talk with Benedetta Formilli Fendi, Let’s discover more about her!
What are the biggest challenges you have met in your career?

PALMATIC STUDIO is less than a year old and I am at the very beginning of a big adventure – I think my biggest challenges are yet to come.

I can say that creating this collection is such stimulating work that comes with it’s challenges; the unexpected is just around the corner; my biggest and most powerful “secret weapon” is to work with a team that I love – together, I feel we can face anything. 

Outside of fashion, what are you currently interested in and how is it influencing your work?

I am a great lover of music, art, architecture and travel. These inspirations are all part of the PALMATIC vision.

What is the message you want to send, and what kind of people are you referring to?

I design clothes for all women, they are our muses, and the creative leadership team of my brand is also all female. We like to explore and enhance the charismatic/unpredictable aspect of women’s character, and women’s willingness to learn from all types of experiences, their ability to live and manage the turmoil of their souls, and to put themselves on the line.

We exalt the collaborative, resilient capacity of the female persona – symbolized by the Palm tree for which we named our brand. Palm trees survive and in fact flourish in any context – even the most difficult ones. A critical asset of the palm, which  many people don’t know about, is that these are plants that tend to grow close together so as to create a better ecosystem. We extol their ability to shine, evolve, listen to their nature, get involved, be born and die and then be reborn stronger than before.

What is your main source of inspiration?

My ideas come from what I see and especially what I feel. I think fashion is very much connected to reality, my work often starts when the light goes down and the city lights come on, when people meet and are not bound by social superstructures, but are united by music, by art, and the real energy of people that makes things happen, I simply rely on my feelings and design clothes for reality and the people I love.

What about your next project?

Our goal is to  grow the brand  and organize a launch event soon where I can give free rein to PALMATIC WORLD.

Portrait | Benedetta Formilli Fendi

Portrait | Benedetta Formilli Fendi