MATTEO THUN & ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ Antonio Rodriguez and Matteo Thun’s design approach pairs sophisticated aesthetics with intuitive functionality and innovation

In partnership with Matteo Thun since 2003, Antonio Rodriguez and Matteo Thun’s design approach pairs sophisticated aesthetics with intuitive functionality and innovation. This principle of timeless simplicity, mindfulness and a clear design language shapes iconic products and architectural projects to ensure everyday enhancement. Using warm, natural, tactile materials and honoring cultural heritage is at the heart of their vision that results in products and projects that resonate both sensorially and emotionally. The constant dialogue with the client’s technical teams, coupled with the pursuit of simplicity, leads to innovative state-of-the-art products, both on small and large scale and established long-term collaborations with an internationally active customer base. Known for a conscious, sustainable approach to architecture, product design and interior concepts the design partners have enjoyed enduring success both autonomously and collectively as a studio.

Azimut Yachts Seadeck Series 6

Azimut Yachts Seadeck Series 6

We talk with Antonio Rodriguez, Let’s discover more about him!

– What are the biggest challenges you have met in your career?

 Maybe, when we opened the studio in Shanghai. The challenge was to face the Chinese world – for us a completely new market that follows very different rules. We had to find new solutions to foster out client’s relationships while being true to our philosophy. And we discovered the Asian fastness and the great technical know-how. We learnt a lot of new things.

 – How would you describe your work?

 “Stimulating” because it has so much variety. I’m very lucky that I can work in different, various fields – from pure product design to exclusive interior concepts.

From bathroom fittings to cutlery and kitchen tools, carpets and furniture. Our design always respects the latest innovation, is pure and timeless. Everything is linked and connected. It’s also stimulating to find the right answers for different necessities. It is a constant learning process. I’d say diversity is what makes my job so interesting.

Azimut Yachts Seadeck Series 6

Azimut Yachts Seadeck Series 6

– How is your passion for visual art and design born?

 I was born and raised in Spain and when I was studying architecture, I was riding my bike in the streets of Valencia. I saw a street exhibition with different objects and products displayed and in that very moment, I immediately thought: “This is what I want to do in my life”.

 – What is the most difficult work you have done and why?

 Well, honestly, the most difficult work is always your next. You have no certainties about how it will be like and if everything will go well or not.

 – What is your main source of inspiration?

 Everything, the world in general. I think that a designer never stops working because everything can be a source of inspiration and not only what is strictly related to art and design. Even when you go in a supermarket or in a restaurant, you can always find something inspirational.



 – What about your next project?

 We just presented the second tab-collection for JAQUAR’s luxury line ARTIZ that focusses on simplicity and offers an across-cultural design, with simple elegant shapes and refined lines in a variety of exquisite materials. We also presented the interior for the first boat of a series of yachts for Italian yacht company Azimut at Milan Design Week. We draw on the “conscious” philosophy that is the distinctive feature of our approach to architecture. We try to redefine luxury based on wellbeing, and the choice of natural or recycled materials.

 – Outside of design, what are you currently interested in and how is it influencing your work?  

 I love reading, particularly historical books. I think history influences our job as a designer tremendously. Only by knowing the past you understand the present – and can imagine the future. You can only understand the product’s point of view when understanding its history.

Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez - ph. Nacho Alegre -Carlo Furgeri Gilbert

Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez – Ph. Nacho Alegre -Carlo Furgeri Gilbert