Hetty Douglas and Alfie Kungu Young Artists Breaking with Tradition

Young artists Hetty Douglas and Alfie Kungu have come together for a new joint exhibition at Camden’s Cob Studios. GOOD LUCK, so the show is titled, explores the ‘contemporary aesthetic of maturity/immaturity’ in the context of ‘a world that demands so much of us.’ More specifically, it is an environment of incessant competing, trying to belong and finding meaning that serves as a driving force behind the emotive show.

It’s a subject which lends itself to Hetty Douglas’ characteristically personal work – in previous exhibitions, the Nottingham-born artist’s textual style has examined the anxieties that surround contemporary love, life and sex, through a modern lexicon that includes ‘you’re peng’ and ‘sorry for treating you like shit and 4 fingering ur best m8’.

Yorkshire-born Alfie Kungu’s method fuses classical techniques with a more experimental, child-like style, and while different from Hetty’s, both artists’ love of bold colour and an approach which challenges long-held painting traditions proves their well-suited to lead the incoming new wave of convention breaking painters.

Photo Courtesy of Ollie Adegboye
Courtesy of Love Magazine