Deliberately ridiculous and surreal images by conceptual photographer James Popsys


In his ongoing series of deliberately ridiculous and surreal images, conceptual photographer James Popsys loves to transform the very ordinary into the extraordinary, creating visual narratives that turn everything upside down.

From giant dartboards hanging from the side of a building to a London Underground station sprouting up from the middle of nowhere – James is particularly skilled at making the impossible look entirely real. Speaking of his work, James said: “It’s all about humour. Smartphones and social media give airtime to lots of funny pictures, but I try to work on concepts that will stick with people much longer than your average meme. I take huge care in ensuring my work can still be enjoyed once the joke is over, so there’s an important balance between storytelling and long-lasting aesthetic appeal. “As with many artists my ideas are developed through iteration over weeks or months, and only when I’m sure the concept has a solid footing do I begin location hunting, collecting images and editing.”

Originally from London, James is currently living and working in Sydney. His unusual photography will be available as signed, limited edition prints as well as posters and canvases from early 2017. If you’re interested, contact James to be added to his waiting list. In the meantime, discover more of his wonderful work at

Courtesy of  CreativeBoom