Surface Tension fingerprints in Tabitha Soren’s exhibition

Tabitha Soren is a former correspondent of MTV and visual artist who tells the media and society through an innovative visual approach. Surface Tension is the name of her personal exhibition at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College, Massachusetts.

These are photographs elaborated with a mixed media approach that explore the visual power of fingerprints and smudges left on cell phones. The artist has used large formats to capture iPad screens with a contrasting brightness to reveal the human residues on the technological device. As she states:

“One of things about the work is that there is a painterly quality to the images, which is really surprising. The way these greasy fingerprint smears create a painterly effect is aesthetically beguiling. When you look, for example, at the Lake Tahoe wildfires, it’s highly color saturated”.

The survey reveals the now indissoluble relationship between man and technology. If your artworks intrigued you, you can visit her website here.

Courtesy of collater