Studio Holger Kilumets Delicately Balances Geometry And Color

The work of Estonian practice Studio Holger Kilumets combines conceptual photography, art direction, and set design, to create playful still lifes that delicately balance bold colors and essential forms. The London-based Kilumets began his eponymous studio in 2015, in part to investigate photography as a medium and its role as a representational device. “I was looking to confront questions relating to the underlying mechanisms of photographic representation, and how images influence our perception and understanding of the world”, explained Kilumets in an interview for the 2015 Catlin Guide—the annual print publication featuring emerging British artistic talent. This theme was further explored in his abstract series ‘Maps and Territories’, which looks at the dynamic between object and image through staged still lifes. For his commercial projects, Kilumets gives products an artistic flair. An example of this is in his series ‘Endover’, a set of still lifes featuring the interior design materials used by a real estate client, in the development of their newly constructed loft apartments. The images below include some of his personal works as well as selections from ‘Endover’ and ‘Maps and Territories’.