Milk Train Arrives in London's Covent Garden in Art Deco Playfulness

For its first permanent shop located in London’s Covent Garden, ice cream purveyor Milk Train envisioned a space that embodies its whimsical brand identity, reflects and accentuates its already popular Instagram presence, and is both immersive and adaptable: A tall order that London-based design agency FormRoom creatively tackled by deep-diving into the brand’s market, customers and competitors. The result is a dream-like venue inspired by the iconography of Art Deco train stations wherefrom visitors embark on a hedonistic journey of flavours and textures. Serving up soft-served ice cream, fantastically bedazzled with a rich variety of toppings like mini salted pretzels, rainbow sprinkles and jam-filled biscuits, and wrapped in a sugary candy floss cloud, Milk Train’s offerings are if anything else extremely Instagrammable, which the brand has leveraged to successfully promote its social media profile. This elusive Instagramable quality has also informed FormRoom’s design who approached the store’s interior design as an integral part of the overall brand experience in order to establish a seamless experience across all of Milk Train’s touch‐points, be they online or physical spaces.

Courtesy of yatzer