Bethan Laura Wood 'Color is my job'

Are you used to divide art life and personal life, or do you consider them as a whole?I am learning/trying to give some division to the two as a get older , but for sure they are very intertwined.  My world has always been focused on creativity from a young age, it was what I always wanted and needed to do.

Being a young woman yourself, do you feel young as an artist too?  I don’t feel ‘that’ young any more ! I find it super interesting that for different disciplines you can be the same age but both too old and too young. Certain athletes for instance for can seen old by the time they are in their 20’s, an architect can still be seen as young at 40. I think what is important is to keep learning exploring and being curious.

In 2013 you have been rewarded as “Designer of The Future”. Do you think your designs belong to the past, present or future?  I think my work plays with connotations, materials and questions that flirt with all three. I am interested in making work that is both about the new (i.e could not have necessarily been made at another time, using contemporary cutting or digital interpretations,) but connects to the history and connotations that result only from being part of industrialist systems and historical narratives that had been building up over many many years.  I often make work that questions the aspirations of the ‘mass produced’ and examines the cross roads we are now in with an awareness that the ‘mass ‘, over industrialisation and consumption needs to change direction.  Despite working between the digital and physical world, I am still very connected to the physical ways of making and most of my projects contain the timeless element of the hand.

You usually use colors, but you use white too. Does that depend on your emotional feelings?  All colours are welcome to my paint box !

Is there an artist in the world you feel particularly close to? If we are talking living artist I love the work of Yayoi Kusama , the distances, volume and landscapes she creates through detail, like in her infinity nets,  I think is mesmerizing. I love the exuberance of colour in her later works and the never ending dream-like spaces of the mirrored infinity rooms,  I love her way of expressing her vision. In physical proximity I am close to – Martino Gamper , he is an amazing designer and has always supported me and my work. I love his tactility with colour and form, he has tough me a lot. Since being my tutor at the RCA and now as my Neighbour in East London, he has been very influential in making me feel part of a community of art and design introducing me to many other amazing creatives.