Yuki Matsueda Impressive 3 Dimensional Artworks

The subject is literally trying to get out of the artwork! How awesome are these 3D sculptures of Japanese artist Yuki MatsuedaThe desire to escape from the constraints, the standard of the ordinary is what has animated Matsueda for this series of works in 3D. We would love to get our hands on couple of these! Matsueda’s sculptures portray objects springing out from its original state, as if to capture a moment frozen in time. Growing up as the son of print shop owners, Yuki Matsueda had early exposure to prints, and went on to study art and design. Having always had a playful personality, he sought to break the rigid structures of academic art, and find amusement in banalities of everyday life. Through his art of liberating ordinary objects from boredom, and integrating witty humor in it, the artist hopes to break the barrier between fine art and design, and believes small change can create big amusement.

Courtesy of  Trendland