Cabaña de Montaña cabins with panoramic views

Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana is an architect and visual designer specializing in architectural design and 3D visualization who on Instagram and Facebook shares his projects bordering on the surreal.
Among them stands out Cabaña de Montaña, a series of small cabins designed to be built in the mountains and overlooking breathtaking views.

It is a wooden cabin built on a concrete platform with an oval floor plan and a domed roof. At both ends we find the openings that thanks to large windows offer a view of the landscape or nature.

Inside the cabin we find the services, a bathtub, a double bed and a small kitchenette: the necessary to spend a few days in tranquility. Fundamental part of the project is the panoramic terrace where you can relax completely surrounded by the beauty of the mountains.

Keep dreaming by looking at the photos of the project below!

Courtesy of Collateral